Prolific Not Perfect 0

Here is the first in a series in which I will attempt to be more prolific than perfect in 2015.

Please follow this adventure on soundcloud, I will not be "going pro" so tracks will fall off when the limits are reached.

Set from Bonkers!

Here's my set from Bonkers! this past Friday. The tracks are works in progress so no need to list the rediculous working names that the live files receive upon creation. It's a wonder I ever find them again.

The night was bananas.

Note that you can now find/follow relcad on Sound Cloud at

Anonymous City Video

Video for the title track from the upcoming Anonymous City album.
Respect to Fabrizio Poce for sharing his V-Module Max For Live library.

The Old Interwebs Demo Tape

Here is the old "Interwebs Demo Tape" from the old, a set from early 2007 comprised of half-finished and finished tracks from around that time.

Live @ Home 012707 (2007) [00:58:19]

Sketch Book

Here's a bunch of unreleased stuff from the bowels of relcad's hard drives

Download playlist to listen to all (m3u)